Are you planning a business venture in Japan?

From a scientific, commercial and cultural perspective, Japan is a country of great interest. The Japanese market is large, sophisticated and always open to quality products and technologies. For European companies, getting started is not always easy. However, once customers have been won, they will remain loyal to you for many years to come, providing you continue to offer an appropriate level of care and support. This is because trust and reliability count for a lot in the Japanese mentality. By securing our services, you will be making a worthwhile investment towards promoting and selling your advanced technologies and sophisticated products in Japan.

Exporters planning to sell products in Japan need to be fully conversant with the characteristics that make this market unique. At TechnoTrans, we have the country-specific knowledge and industrial experience to make your sales campaign successful. We offer:


The Japanese market is different in so many ways from those in Europe. As consultants, we will assist you in all matters vital to your success in Japan, from market entry, sales and marketing right through to change management.

“I aim to accompany you through the whole process from start to finish. I not only provide you with advice but get actively involved myself. This means that I am always seeking out new opportunities and that I undertake sales initiatives on your behalf.”
— Dr. Hiroshi Morikawa

Market information

You will want to obtain an overview of the Japanese market in order to assess the opportunities and risks presented by the world’s second-largest market. Together, we will develop:

  • feasibility studies
  • market research

Market entry

There are various ways of ensuring the success of your technologies and products in the Japanese market. You can set up a subsidiary company, enter into a partnership with an established local company or open a branch office in Japan.

We will support you:

  • with the process of setting up a subsidiary. It can often be an exasperating experience trying to obtain clear information about the local conditions (legal requirements, administrative procedures etc). We can supply advice and assistance to smooth out the entire process.
  • with all the follow-up steps after you have established your subsidiary company and make proposals for consolidating your business.
  • with identifying suitable partners. We look for partners who are a good fit for your project, we analyse their strengths and weaknesses, and we help you to establish contact.
  • with establishing a representative office in Japan. We look for suitable agencies, analyse their potential and assist you in establishing contact.

Sales and marketing

In order to secure a successful market entry, thorough preparation is required.

We support you with:

  • strategic planning (sales & marketing) to ensure the long-term success of your product launch in the Japanese market
  • the specific identification of potential customers
  • the preparation of marketing materials in Japanese
  • the determination of processes
  • the the organisation of specific sales activities for the launch phase

Change management

You may already have built up your own organisation in Japan but now find that it is not running as smoothly as you would wish or does not quite live up to your expectations. You will therefore want to make changes to ensure that the potential is fully exploited. With our extensive industrial experience, we can help you to bring your business back on line in Japan and make it more efficient.


For successful introduction and establishment of your products and technologies in the market, it is advisable to protect them by patents. In collaboration with an experienced law firm based in Japan and specialising in patent law, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary advice and handle all the paperwork.

Your representative office in Japan

You expect good sales for your products in the Japanese market and consequently need a business partner who has a presence in the country working on your behalf. You may count on us to act as your ‘base in Japan’. In the first instance, you do not need to identify suitable offices in Japan, to hire any employees or to engage any translators and interpreters for your specific business project. We are pleased to offer these services at a competitive price.

“I am a born salesman. I will put all of my knowledge and skills in this field at your disposal. To be successful in sales, it is not only important to invite the best partner to the negotiating table and to respect company hierarchies but also to strike the right tone. Thanks to my many years of experience and my insight into cultural differences, you can fully rely on me to look after your sales interests in Japan.”
— Dr. Hiroshi Morikawa

Your base in Japan

Depending on your business structure and your personal preferences, we will represent you in Japan:

  • as a sales representative,
  • as an agent,
  • as a distributor or
  • as a liaison office.


You are looking for a business partner who has a presence in Japan and will act as your local representative, in particular in the matter of sales.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers who are able to speak knowledgeably to customers about your technologically advanced products. We have the communication skills that are essential for any successful business transaction. We understand the business cultures of both countries and continents, which is an absolutely crucial element in making a successful market entry and sustaining development.

Customer care and support

You have already conducted business in Japan but suspect that your customer care and support is not yet sufficiently developed. In order not to miss out on future business opportunities, you are looking for a local partner who will take care of these customers for you. We are happy to take on this role, managing customer care through regular contacts, providing you with feedback and advising you on the appropriate course of action to be taken next. Once you have acquired a customer in Japan, the relationship tends to last longer than in Europe – as long as you cultivate it assiduously.

Development and expansion of your business

You have successfully launched your products or services in Japan and are now considering further strategic steps to consolidate and expand your market position in the country. We will accompany you along the way with advice and practical assistance. You benefit from our many years of experience and efficiently expand your market position.

Market-specific services

We offer the following services:

  • Technical evaluation of products in terms of Japanese market needs
  • Secretarial services in Japan
  • Translation services
  • Interpreting services
  • Patenting (in collaboration with an experienced Japanese law firm specialising in patents)

Profile – Dr. Hiroshi Morikawa


  • Studied Mechanical Engineering in Japan
  • Studied Physics in Germany
  • PhD in Physics at a German university

Industrial experience:

I draw on my extensive business experience in a wide range of industries, includingmedical and vacuum technology, clean room technology, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and the construction of industrial plant. I enjoy the challenge of transferring and applying this knowledge to other areas.

I have worked in companies of different sizes and structures at various levels of management in both Germany and Japan:

  • Head of Department in a major Japanese corporation in Japan
  • Sales and Marketing Manager for the Far East in various German companies (based in Germany)
  • General Manager in a German-Japanese joint venture in Japan
  • President and CEO of a Swiss-Japanese enterprise and of a Japanese company (in Japan)

My extensive industrial experience in various industries and corporate structures ensures that I am quick on the uptake and can rapidly adjust to changed circumstances. These qualities enable me to work with maximum efficiency for customers with diverse needs.

Language skills:

  • Japanese native speaker
  • German near native proficiency
  • English fluent


“The collaboration with Dr Morikawa jump-started our entry into the Japanese market, from first contact right through to successful implementation. I am convinced that TechnoTrans can also give other companies the impetus for successful business in Japan. The focus of TechnoTrans is on building and expanding business in Japan all the way through to an established presence. Furthermore, TechnoTrans acts as a bridge between cultures and business practices. Dr Morikawa’s excellent command of German is exceptionally useful in overcoming not only linguistic but also cultural barriers.”
Volker Sigwarth, CEO of SKAN AG

“When we started thinking about doing business in Japan, we asked ourselves the following questions:
• What is the true market potential?
• How do we get to know the right people?
• Who can we rely on to understand our language, to the extent that they can ‘read between the lines’?
• What are the pitfalls we may encounter?
• How much will it cost and how long will it take before our business model works in Japan?
Dr. H. Morikawa covered all of these points to our complete satisfaction. I can honestly say that I now understand the Japanese market!”
Thomas Huber, Chief Management Officer at SKAN AG

“I have known Hiroshi Morikawa for almost 20 years as a highly reliable business partner who is characterised by outstanding sales and leadership skills. What makes his services so extraordinary is his solid knowledge of the German and Japanese markets, especially in the technical field. I can highly recommend his services as a consultant to any company that is aiming to establish itself in the Japanese market and is looking for a partner who will accompany them along the way with advice as well as practical support.”
Volkmar Barthel, CEO of etna GmbH


You can avail yourself of our services either individually or as a package. Contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you which approach best suits your individual needs. Benefit from what we have to offer. We understand the customs and practices of both cultures and are keen to put our expertise at your disposal.

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